Pro-Age campaign kick off 1 October 2015!29 Sep

Kick-off of the STTOP Pro-Age campaign will celebrate life and age in our beautiful City

 On 1 October 2015, and in commemoration of the International Day of Older Persons, STTOP (Sector Task team for Older Persons) – a lobbying and advocacy NPO championing the rights of older persons – together with its members and sponsors, will challenge dominant perceptions of ageing by celebrating remarkable people who embody their age with energy and vitality.

‘This campaign is about enhancing the status of older persons in Cape Town and its surrounds and getting the public and other influential individuals to think about their own ageing differently,” says Jane Mills, STTOP External Relations Manager. ‘Most importantly , this campaign highlights the commitment of our City to support principles of an ‘Age-friendly’ City, as promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) – making the world a better place to grow old in and a reconceptualisation of old age.’

According to the Pro-Age organisers, older persons still maintain and fulfil an important position in society with many continuing to make substantial financial and societal contributions to their families and communities.

“Quite simply, regardless of pensioners being in receipt of a private of state pension, our economy needs pensioners to play an active role,’ Mills says.

According to the STTOP Pro-Age team, South Africa’s economy has been shaped by pensioners’ past contributions and they deserve to be treated as equals.

‘Just like you and me, older persons still fall in love, have hopes, dreams and aspirations and want to lead happy lives. By supporting this campaign on social media and making a donation of R 10, all Capetonians can benefit from envisaged improvements to older person policy and legislation which has a current and future benefit to ALL South Africans.’

The launch event will feature an upbeat and fun programme including guest appearances from singer song writer, Chris Werge artist Majozi and be entertained by King Labash from the Rudimentals, Cape Town celebrity Alvon Collison as the MC and will take place at Richard’s Supper Club in Sea Point from 9: 30 am until 12. Here, invitees will enjoy a peek in to the lives of incredible, older Capetonians who have made significant contributions to their families and communities in a fun ‘speed dating’ format.


For more information, please contact Jane Mills, STTOP External Relations Manager

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