South African social pensioners face significant socio-economic pressure as many are sole providers for families and primary caregivers for their grandchildren. Apartheid and historical exclusion has left a large number of social pensioners dependent on R1,350 per month as the majority of pensioners were unable to invest in retirement options. In addition, the public health system does not satisfactorily address the needs of Older Persons neither provides adequate opportunities for independent living encouraging ‘active ageing’ as enshrined in the Older Person’s Act of 2009.

In contrast to these growing needs, the older persons sector is financially neglected as corporates, foundations and the government favour education and youth initiatives. With only marginal funding, resource-strapped older persons organisations are unable to effectively scale sector solutions or pilot innovative services.

Sector Task Team for Older Persons (STTOP) is a non-profit alliance of leading organisations within the older persons sector committed to working together to improve the lives of South African state pensioners from low-income communities.

STTOP’s member organisations provide state pensioners with access to effective and affordable healthcare, housing (residential, community-based, and frail care) and support programmes.

Central to STTOP’s work is the belief that the older person is a valuable and economically contributing citizen, as many older persons remain active, excited about life and involved in their communities throughout their lives.

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